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Gaming Consoles are basically designed for extensive hours of serious gaming. Though people have now started to take Gaming PCs seriously, the proportion of people actually buying them is pretty low, as of now. However, the thrill of gaming is often ruined by the leggy performance of our PCs.

Game Boosters try and boost gaming performance by putting all the unnecessary background processes to halt. Also, game boosters do a lot wise game booster for pc other things that can boost the overall performance of the PC s which in turn improves their gaming performance like Defrag, Recovering Space, Boosting FPS, etc. Another advantage of using Game Boosters is that they put the system back to normal after you are done gaming to let you perform all the other tasks on your PCs easily.

List of Contents 1. Advanced System Optimizer 2. GameBoost 3. Razer Cortex: 4. Wise Game Booster: 5. WTFast Game Booster 6. MSI Afterburner 7. IObit Smart Game Booster 8. Game Fire 6 Game Booster 9. MZ Game Accelerator ToolWiz Game Boost 3 SpeedItUp Extreme. Complete Review on Advanced System optimizer. Popularly known for its system optimization and cleanup utilityAdvanced System Optimizer also provides a module called Game Optimizer.

Using it you can enjoy interference-free gaming and can take care of background running processes. The only thing that this amazing PC cleanup and game optimization utility lacks is a dedicated driver updater. If you can deal with it this is an all-in-one best system optimization tool for Windows. Get It Here. GameBoost boasts a simplistic and intuitive interface. It helps improve the overall performance of the PC by managing and neutralizing the background processes.

It helps improve the overall gameplay and offers higher fps. Razer is a well-known brand in the gaming world. Razer manufactures premium gaming products.

Razer Cortex is an effective free Game Optimizer. It contains various tools to optimize system performance like cleaning junk and residual filesand manage background processes to boost gaming performance of the PC. The edgy graphical interface makes the software interesting to use.

Razer Cortex is definitely one of the best Game Boosters available in the market. Wise Game Booster is equipped with tools that can improve the gaming performance of your PC in just a few clicks. Wise Game Booster rocks an awesome graphical interface. WTFast is a bit different than other Game Optimizers on the list. WTFast promises to provide an wise game booster for pc high-speed connection between your device and game servers. This product is only for people who just want a better connection with their game server for smoother gaming experience.

Check them out here. MSI has been providing quality hardware for flawless gaming. Wise game booster for pc Afterburner is a tool that provides extra-ordinary control on your device for smooth mastercam 2018 essentials tutorial pdf free experience.

The real-time on-screen information comes in handy while gaming to keep track of your system performance. MSI Afterburner also allows you to capture the hottest gaming moments and to allow you to share them online.

Smart Game Booster is probably the most informative software on the list. It provides various features that can help you understand your device better and optimize its performance for flawless gaming experience. It features all the gigs that you would like to see in a Game Optimizer.

Game Fire 6 also provides powerful customization options to optimize only what you want to optimize. It can help you defrag your PC to provide an extra boost in the system performance.

It also comes with a Game Manager to save all your offline and online games in one folder for ease-of-use. Built-In Game Manager to access all your favorite games from one place. MZ Game Accelerator allows you easier defragmentation options, effective background processes wise game booster for pc, boosts RAM, and allocates more CPU Power to the Gaming for wise game booster for pc moment in order to provide a flawless gaming performance. Considering all the features, MZ Ссылка Accelerator is definitely one of the best Game Boosters available in the market.

If you can bear the outdated interface, it is one of the best Game Boosters available in the market. If you can work with the immensely outdated interface, it is a pretty effective tool. Internet Clean Up helps provide wise game booster for pc smooth and stable internet connection for uninterrupted gaming. While command conquer free game interface did put me off, I liked the overall usage of Software.

Do let us know which one of these you are going to try, we love hearing from you. Also, keep visiting TweakLibrary for more such tech-related content.

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