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Ссылка на страницу the Author. Related Posts. Best Audio Recording Software. For Windows users, it is just a piece of cake to take screenshots immediately with the help of the Windows key and Print Screen button. But sometimes, you may encounter the Print Screen button not working when capturing your screen, so how to deal with this issue? Now let’s stick to this topic and find out the solutions to fix the Print Screen button not working on your Windows 10 or 11 PC quickly.

Usually, a restart might be all Windows needed to get back on track. So, if some buttons are not working on your keyboard, you can restart your computer and check whether the print screen button not working is resolved or not. Sometimes, you may disable the Print Screen function accidentally and you cannot take screenshots successfully with this feature.

So you’d better check if the Print Screen key is enabled. Just hit windows 10 screenshot not working free F Mode key or Посетить страницу Lock key on your keyboard.

Next, check if Print Screen works. If there are no such buttons on your keyboard, you can skip this solution and go for another one. Besides the Print Screen windows 10 screenshot not working free, you also can press other keys for taking snapshots on your Windows 10 or 11 computer.

Here are some examples:. So to be able to stop this from happening, you need to close these background programs by checking the following steps:. Step 1. Step 2. Find the program that you want to close, and then right-click on it to choose the “End Task” option.

Similar to your system, your keyboard driver may become outdated, corrupted, or incorrect as well. So, in this case, you should update the keyboard driver like below:. Click the arrow to expand the keyboards. Step 3. Select windows 10 screenshot not working free automatically for updated windows 10 screenshot not working free software” and it will automatically install the latest driver. If all the solutions mentioned above cannot solve this problem, you can try an easy yet powerful screen capture software: EaseUS RecExperts.

This is an easy-to-use software, which functions больше на странице recording desktop and taking snapshots. With its help, you can freely choose to take a full or partial screenshot with one click, or even screenshot dual monitors. Apart from that, you can use it to record almost anything on your screen, including gameplay, conference meetings, video chats, live streamings, and even some popular shows from streaming services.

Most importantly, this program allows you to take screenshots while recording! Download and launch this program on your computer. You will see all features it offers, including Webcam recording, Audio recording, Region capturing, and other options like Settings and Full Screen recording. Click “Full Screen” or “Region” according to your need. The screen will go dim, and drag your /17847.txt covering what you want to capture.

Now press F11 or click the “Screenshot” icon to take screenshots. Step 4. On this page, we provide 6 solutions to help you fix the Print Screen button not working on your Windows PC. You can pick any workable way to solve your problem. We hope this post can really help you! Jane is an experienced editor for EaseUS focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing and screen recording software on the market, she specializes in composing posts about recording and editing videos.

Адрес страницы the topics she chooses are aimed at providing more instructive information to users. Screen Recorder. Transfer Products. File Management. More Products. Free Download. Buy Now. Available for:. Jane Zhou Updated on Jan 19, min read. Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting Fix 1.

Restart Your Computer Just click the Windows icon on your desktop, and windows 10 screenshot not working free Full steps Fix 2. Next, check Full steps Fix 3. Full steps Fix 4. Full steps Fix 5. Full steps Fix 6. Full steps. Was This Page Helpful? Read full bio. Just click the Windows icon on your desktop, and select Hit the F Mode key or F Lock key on your keyboard.

Launch this program, and click to Full Screen or Region to select



– Windows 10 screenshot not working free

Otherwise, the problem is with your keyboard. Sometimes, the third-party apps, especially Cloud Storages, would save the screenshot separately. Next, switch to the Backup tab. Some segments in your PC will prevent you from taking the screenshots. Yet, the PrntSrc tool is very easy-going and smooth on any system.


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