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Restore the Unread Mail folder – Outlook Known issues in July 2022 updates

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Microsoft Outlook is the preferred email client used to send and receive emails by accessing Microsoft Exchange Server email. Outlook also provides access contact, email calendar and task management features. Microsoft Outlook may be used as a standalone application, but it is also part of the Microsoft Office suite and Office , which. Sep 19,  · Then, create REG_SZ values in this key for each form you wish to allow scripts to run. In the above example, you would create a REG_SZ value named “” with empty data. When designing a form, Run This Form will run a form using the message class of the base form. So if you started designing an form and want to Run This Form, you . And this method is available in all of Microsoft Outlook , , and Step 2: In the New Search Folder dialog box, select and highlight the Unread mail item, and click OK. Now an Unread Mail folder is created and shows in the navigation pane. And all unread email messages are collected into this folder automatically. Once an unread.


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View only unread messages · In Outlook , select the All drop-down at the top of the message list and then select Unread Mail. · In Outlook , , and. Restore the Unread Mail folder · In Mail, click the Folder tab. · In the New group, click New Search Folder. Tip: You can also open the New Search Folder dialog.


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