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The characters are what connect the users with the story of the game. How the characters look and function has a huge impact on the users.

Characters make the users emotionally connect with the game. Character identification is strongest with the main protagonists, while the users may feel sympathy or antipathy towards others.

The game is a sure hit if the characters can secure an emotional connection with the users. One of the strongest contributors to this is the Gaming Industry. Source: gminsights. The growing demand for efficient 3D rendering solutions is driven by advances in 3D modeling and new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. In addition, as industry competition has increased, companies forced to adopt 3D models for a better gaming experience, consequently gaining a competitive edge.

In this article, we will explain what 3D Character Modelling is, the 3D character modeling pipeline, the best software to create them, and how to hire 3D character designers. The character is created using computer processes and software. Therefore, attention to various aspects, such as modeling, rigging, rendering, etc. Unlike sketching and creating 2D characters, 3D characters go through a series of processes to be created. First, you have to envision and draw the character. Then you have to create a 3D model of the same.

Then the model is textured and, after that, rigged. In mathematical terms, 3D characters are movements of the 3D animation that has three-axis, the X, the Y, and the Z-axis. Inorganic 3D modeling contains non-living things and flat surfaces, for instance, tables, chairs, weapons, the interior environment of buildings, walls, doors, etc.

Its specialized professionals and artists can do both types of 3D modeling. To do the 3D modeling, there are two different modeling styles followed by the artists. Box modeling style is majorly suitable for inorganic surfaces, whereas polygon modeling style gives finer details. So it is preferable to work with organic surfaces. This thread is particularly about 3D character modeling. To model a 3D character, the artist must have a clear thought process about the concept of the character to the finalization, which is about implementing that created 3D model into the Game Engine in an optimized way.

The artist must pass through these phases following the two ends of this process. Before it comes into this phase, it is required that the character must be in capital T-pose or A-pose. In this phase, artists start with the base model of the character in CAD software.

In this phase artist inputs that base model into 3D sculpting software like Z brush, Mudbox, etc. The artist creates fine details like hair, skin, wrinkles on the body, etc. In this phase, the artist creates clothes for the character per the given concept. Clothes simulation software like Marvelous designer gives high-fidelity details like wrinkles and simulation as per the real-life tailoring experience. Well, this is the initial phase of the texturing process.

So before working in this phase, all the 3D modeling parts must be ready to go in both high-poly and low-poly. For example, Mobile screens hardly take pixels vertically. In comparison, PC and consoles can take up to 4K or 8K resolution. The baking process is about breaking all the details of high-poly sculpted mesh on an optimized mid or low-poly mesh.

Then, it will generate various texture maps for the character. Using those maps shows all the finer details of an optimized model. After the baking process, the following maps will generate. Using the generated maps from the baking process, the artist has to give all details per the respective materials of various parts of the character.

Of course, many other things can be done in this space, like colors, reflection, roughness, arranged details, specularity of each material, etc. As per the modeling and texturing, in this phase, the rigging artist will place the bone structure inside the character by taking care of how the character will be animated and which part will move out rooted in the animation. After successfully placing all the bones, the rigging artist will give the particular weight values on respective vertices per the connected bones.

A Stretch test will confirm if all the weight value is appropriate on the particular bones. The rigging artist will apply a stretch test animation to the bone structure. All the bones will rotate in their local rotations, and the artist can check the weight amounts on the vertices. Weight values must have smooth fall-off between bone joints. Animators will animate the character in different footage like idle, walk, run, jump, etc.

After the animation is done, animators will export animation clips or files which can importe into the game engine. The more real the character looks, the more the users can relate to the character and enjoy the game. Models of three-dimensional characters look much more colorful, solid, and lively than two-dimensional drawings, plus 3D characters provide a degree view.

Thanks to the advanced capabilities of the 3D Software, the final model can be easily adjusted, or additions can create. If necessary, updates can develop easily. As a result, the designers do not have to redraw the model in different poses and scenes.

The artist must have a great talent and creative vision to design the most suitable character. They should also have detailed knowledge of texture, expressions, character presentation, etc. The best 3D Models are the ones that resemble the living person in the best possible way.

Everything should be captured perfectly, from expressions to clothing and texture to movement. All this software comes with many benefits and drawbacks.

We will have a look at the Top 10 3D Character Modeling Software that professionals from all around the world use. Using 3ds Max , the designers can create almost anything related to character design and 3D rendering. The tool is developed by Autodesk and is designed for experts. The person must have a certain skill set after taking a proper course to use the tool.

Many plug-ins and ready-made models are included which you can use immediately. Maya is another tool by Autodesk. This tool helps make the character look more real and thus attracts the maximum number of users. Developed by Pixologic, ZBrush offers an amazing list of advanced tools professionals can use to design and create attractive and realistic 3D Characters.

In addition, ZBrush offers a brush that can be used to add details and depth to the character. It is a free and open-source tool with free online courses.

Blender also offers industry-leading libraries that can use to ease the design process. It offers a node-based procedural approach that offers designers with amazing flexibility and control. Vellum shelf tools for cloth, inflated objects, hair, grains, and a faster simulation alternative are also available in Houdini.

The tool supports the Nvidia Iray engine and can use to create high-quality 3D Characters. It has a large database of relevant additions, including different textures, various 3D objects, and a working plug-in and extension system.

Cinema 4D is a professional 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering software solution. It packs fast and powerful toolsets that are efficient for designing and rendering the 3D character.

In addition, it offers different types of modeling styles that can use to create the perfect and realistic 3D character. Modo is excellent modeling, rendering, and texturing software. From being a basic subdivision surface modeler, Modo has transformed into a full-fledged digital content creator software.

Modo offers flexible procedural modeling, MeshFusion Boolean toolset, and built-in sculpting tools and stands as one of the fastest modeling tools. Lightwave 3D renowned itself with the update, allowing users to create complex and photo-realistic 3D characters. It operates as two software, Modeler — for building assets — and Layout for texturing, lighting, animation, and rendering. In addition, the tool offers a fast, interactive PBR renderer and several tools to make the designing process easy.

Rocket 3F is a windows only polygon modeler that is fast and user-friendly. It offers a professional-looking interface that is fully customizable. There are tons of tools that designers can add to their custom interface. In addition, the tool is equipped with sculpting, retopology tools, and non-linear subdivision edge creasing. The perfect character for a game is the one that is made specifically for the game. The character will follow the look and feel of the game and will fit right in.

Although, creating a character from scratch is costly. But at the same time, various marketplaces offer characters at pocket-friendly rates. They offer free characters too. So buying a ready-made character is the best option if you are looking for a pocket-friendly solution or working on a tight budget. You should consider hiring a Freelancer 3D designer for your project if it is not complex or does not require hiring an in-house 3D character development team.

The intermediary services provided by Upwork and Freelancer protect both parties from possible fraud by handling the payment process. Consider hiring an in-house or remote employee if your 3D character design project is complex. To hire a team of employees, you will have to find 3D character professionals seeking a new job.

If your 3D character project is complex and you do not want to hire a team to design it, you can hire a 3D Character Designing Company and outsource your project. Then, with their skills and experience, the 3D character designing team will create the most suitable and amazing character for your game.



Autodesk 3ds max 2019 a detailed guide to modeling texturing lighting and rendering free –

Floating Viewports 3ds Max allows you to work in the floating viewport window. I am passionate about computer graphics that helped me building skills in particles, fluids, cloth, RBD, pyrotechnics simulations, and post-production techniques. Table 3 summarizes the panels in the Command panel. Textbooks received as examination copies in any form such as paperback and eBook are for review only and may not be made available for the use of the student.


– Autodesk 3ds max 2019 a detailed guide to modeling texturing lighting and rendering free

Still, like everything with computer graphics, even it can slow down when textures become complex. He needs to. This floating window works just like the regular viewport and it is fully customizable. There are 0 reviews and 1 rating from United Kingdom. Table 1 summarizes the letters and the sections of the UI they represent. The orthographic views are two-dimensional views. Additional guidance is provided in the form of tips, notes, and cautions.

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